Consumer Electronics line

The growing market of electronics components pushes the requirements for manufacturing processes to the extreme limits. All features of the components become smaller and require higher processing precision. The architecture or electronics components consist of multiple layers, specific shapes and utilisation of different materials. Constant miniaturisation of the electronics devices shifts the technology from classical rigid PCBs to more advanced flex-PCBs or even rigid-flex PCBs, where combinations of different materials are used.

A new extremely demanding requirements bring femtosecond lasers to the front as the most advance optical processing technology. The energy of photons compressed into tiny packets in space and time guarantees highest precision, cleanness and process versatility. Ultrashort pulses evaporate processed material almost instantly, preventing debris generation which can lead to short circuits in the electronics. Processing of organic materials with femtosecond lasers also help to avoid carbonisation which is unpleasant side-effect of processing with CW or long pulse lasers.

Indylit 10-SH laser is a perfect choice for processing of many different electronics materials. It has short, clean, uniform shape optical pulse as well as burst mode with virtually unlimited pulse number in the package and up to 400 µJ pulse energy per burst. This guarantees the best quality and process efficiency. Dual wavelength output significantly expands the number of materials which can be processed, it also helps to match better laser parameters to the particular task.

Etching of copper electrodes on glass substrate

Copper layer removal from different substrates: Corning Eagle XG and fused silica glasses using Indylit 10 femtosecond laser. Structure was successfully created with minimal damage to the substrate. Low debris, no delamination or defects of the copper layer were observed after laser process.

Courtesy: Workshop of Photonics

Application case using Indylit 10

Copper layer removal  Copper layer removal

For consumer electronics manufacturers aiming to lead in innovation and precision, the Indylit 10 and Indylit 20 provide unmatched performance. Both models are equipped to handle the demanding requirements of advanced manufacturing processes, guaranteeing continuous evolution in the sophistication and functionality of consumer electronics products.