Ultrashort pulse fiber seeder for laser amplifier

1020-1070 nm, 1-10 ps, 10-50 MHz, 1-50mW

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Standout features:

  • Neolit USP fiber seeder

    No consumable components

  • Extremely robust and stable

    Robust to external disturbances

  • Neolit USP fiber seeder

    Ultra high quality pulses and spectrum

  • Adjustable repetition rate, pulse duration, power

    Highly customizable output parameters

  • Neolit image

    Ultra wide spectrum compressible down to 30 fs


  • OPO pumping

    Seeding femtosecond and picosecond fiber and DPSS lasers

Smooth ultrashort pulse generation

Neolit seeders are novel sources of ultrashort laser pulses, free of consumable components like SESAM, which makes them exceptionally long-lasting.

The all-fiber design ensures high environmental stability against vibrations and thermal fluctuations.

The integration is very simple because of a compact single box, passively-cooled construction.

High quality temporal and spectral shape of the pulses guarantees excellent results at the output of the laser system.


Product data sheet download Product data sheet

NeolitNeolit AMPNeolit BB
Central wavelength 1020 – 1070 nm1040 nm
Pulse duration (directly from the fiber) ¹, ²1 – 5 ps5 – 10 ps7 ps
Spectral bandwidth (FWHM) 4 – 12 nm8 – 12 nm20 – 70 nm
Average power1 – 5 mW20 – 50 mW20 – 50 mW
Pulse repetition rate (factory fixed)10 – 50 MHz
Polarizationlinear, > 100:1 extinction
Optical outputFC/APC connector
RF signal interfaceSMA
Available control interfacesUSB, CAN
Powering requirements12 ± 2 V, max. 3 A
Operating temperature15 - 40 °C
Mechanical dimensions (LxWxH)194 x 135 x 40 mm

1) Pulses from the seeder are externally compressible to within 10 % of transform limit.
2) Customized versions including additional amplifier, fiber pulse picker, pulse stretcher are possible.
3) Neolit seeders are class 3B laser products. Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered laser light.
4) World patented technology: US10038297, JP6276471, EP3178137, CN106575849.