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INDYLIT 10 line

Industrial femtosecond laser for microprocessing

10W at 1030nm, 5W at 515nm, 450fs, 80kHz – 1MHz

Extremely robust and stable

Adjustable repetition rate, pulse duration, power

High pulse energy and clean pulse shape

Passively air cooled

Maintenance-free & turn-key

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BIOLIT 2 line

Femtosecond fiber laser for biophotonics

1050 nm, 70 fs, 2 W, 20 MHz

Very short and clean pulses

Robust and stable

Flexible repetition rate

Maintenance-free & turn-key

Integrated dispersion pre-compensation

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Ultrashort pulse fiber seeder for laser amplifier

1020-1070 nm, 1-10 ps, 15-40 MHz, 1-50mW

No consumable components

Robust to external disturbances

Ultra high quality pulses and spectrum

Highly customizable output parameters

Ultra wide spectrum compressible down to 30 fs

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