BIOLIT 2 line

Femtosecond Fiber Laser for Biophotonics

1050 nm, 70 fs, 2 W, 15 – 40 MHz

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Standout features:

  • Biolit 2 image

    Ultra-short and clean pulses

  • Extremely robust and stable

    Robust and stable

  • Adjustable repetition rate, pulse duration, power

    Flexible repetition rate

  • Maintenance-free & turn-key

    Maintenance-free & turn-key

  • Biolit 2 image

    Integrated dispersion pre-compensation


  • Litilit Multiphoton microscopy

    Multiphoton microscopy

  • Litilit lasers Photopolymerization


  • Ophthalmology


  • Litilit lasers OPO pumping

    OPO pumping

  • Neuroscience


Clean pulses lead to sharp images

The Biolit 2 is a compact, air-cooled femtosecond laser designed for
multiphoton microscopy, biophotonics and other non-linear optics applications.

The industrial-grade device is exceptionally robust, maintenance-free and

A combination of ultra short (typ 55 fs) and clean pulses with
integrated dispersion compensation, excellent beam quality and optimized
repetition rate enables unparalleled quality multiphoton imaging while
preserving the object.


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Biolit 2
Central wavelength1050 ± 5 nm
Average power> 2 W
Pulse duration< 70 fs (typ. 55 fs)
Pulse duration stability 1) < +/- 3 fs
Pulse strehl ratio> 0.9
Tunable dispersion pre-compensation 2)-8 000 fs² ... +500 fs²
Pulse repetition rate 3)15, 20, 30 or 40 MHz
Analog power control 4)1 - 100%
Beam qualityM² < 1.2 (typ. 1.05)
Beam circularity 5)> 0.9 (typ. 0.94)
Beam diameter (1/e² level)1.5 ± 0.3 mm
Beam divergence (full angle)< 1.5 mrad
Beam pointing (RMS) 1)< 20 μrad
Beam pointing vs temp. < 15 μrad/°C
Pulse Energy Stability (RMS) 6)< 1%
Power Stability (RMS) 1)< 1%
Warm-up time (cold start) < 10 min
Available control interfacesUSB, CAN
Tuneable pulse repetition rate option 7)1 – 20 MHz
Second harmonic option 8) 0.4 W @ 525 nm
Operating voltage24V, 8A (100...240 V AC, 47...63 Hz to 24V AC/DC converter included)
Operating temperature18 – 30 °C
Humiditynon condensing
Transportation/storage temperature- 20 °C – +70 °C
Laser head
Control unit
air (passive)
forced air (fans)
Laser head (L x W x H)
Control unit (L x W x H)
313 x 152 x 107 mm
449 x 370 x 140 mm
Umbilical length3 ± 0.1 m

1) Measured during 8 h operation starting 30 minutes after warm-up. Environmental temperature stability within ± 1 °C.
2) Equivalent of 80 mm of SF10 glass. Even higher dispersion (up to 30’000 fs2) of the external optical system can be pre-compensated in the factory on request. For other pre-compensation options, please contact LITILIT.
3) Factory preset. Other repetition rates are available on request. Please inquire for more details.
4) Attenuation can be controlled in a few different regimes: a) by PC user interface, b) by CAN register, c) by analog input signal (> 5 kHz bandwidth). Beam quality specifications are maintained down to 10% power level.
5) Defined as the worst case beam ellipticity along the z-scan (± 5 × LRayleigh) of the beam.
6) Measured within 10 s time interval.
7) Output repetition rate can be described by formula RR = RR0/ N, where RR0 is fundamental repetition rate and N is integer number. Output power is dependent on both RR and RR0. For power dependence on the repetition rate please contact LITILIT.
8) Biolit-2 SH model also has infrared (1050 nm) output with the same specifications as standard Biolit laser. Both outputs are available simultaneously. Please inquire directly LITILIT for more information.

World patented technology: US10038297, JP6276471, EP3178137, CN106575849.