Indylit 20: Latest addition to our Femtosecond Lasers line

2024-02-22 Uncategorized

Litilit continually enhances its product lineup to offer customers a broader array of options. In line with our mission, we’re proud to announce the latest addition: Indylit 20 industrial laser. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Indylit 10, this newly developed laser sets a new standard in femtosecond laser technology.

Indylit 20 is the highest average power air-cooled femtosecond laser with the highest pulse energy in the market. If you need a reliable femtosecond laser that is maintenance-free, turn-key, and has exquisite optical parameters – look no further!

Featuring an innovative passive cooling design, Indylit 20 ensures remarkable stability in optical parameters, including pulse duration, beam pointing, and power. Its robust mechanical construction is engineered to withstand harsh environments, including dust, making it suitable for demanding industrial settings.

The built-in optional second harmonics (SH) module also extends its wavelength capabilities, opening doors to a broader range of applications. From precision cold (black) marking to electronics manufacturing, glass, ceramics processing, and even ophthalmology, Indylit 20 excels across diverse industries.

Please click here for more detailed specifications and information about the Indylit 20 laser.Indylit 20 industrial femtosecond laser with Control Unit